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I applied for permit parking a couple years ago as parking spaces on our block are scarce due to overcrowding. Unfortunately, we did not get the number of signatures required for it to pass. In the meantime parking spaces on our block have become even more scarce. I understand we can reapply for parking permits every six months but I fear it will not pass again as more of the homes on our street have turned into rental properties. What other options do I have?

Recent Q&A

April 26th, 2016 - To The City Manager: Why isn't the Santa Ana Police Department main lobby open on weekends?  Other Orange County cities have lobby service on weekends, why has Santa Ana not improved Police accessibility as well?

Summary Answer: Many years ago the city changed its lobby schedule from being open 24/7 in order to provide better service.  On the weekends people can always call a watch commander, use a special phone outside of the police station, send in an E-Report, or call 911 to get service.

Past Q&As

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